Our apples are handmade here in Greendale.  First, we select the finest extra-large Granny Smith apples.  Then, we dip each apple in our buttery, mouthwatering caramel.  Once it has a nice thick coating of caramel we add the toppings!  It might be crunchy delicious nuts or sweet favorites like heath pieces, M&M's or crushed Oreo cookies.  Then, at last, many of our apples get drizzled with our delectable chocolate...yummm!  They are great to share with family and friends as a memorable treat or dessert and they make a perfect gift for just about anyone.  You can celebrate anything with our apples.  Apples of Eden extraordinary apples make any day just a little bit sweeter!

Almond $11.00
Do you like nuts? This apple is covered in nuts...tasty, chopped almonds! This Granny Smith apple is dunked in ooey, gooey caramel and loaded with lots of crunchy, yummy almonds and then drizzled with our gourmet chocolate.  Eat that! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Cashew  $11.00
Question: What could compliment our giant Granny Smith apple more than just buttery caramel?  Answer: Crunchy, salty cashews nuts with some rich milk chocolate drizzled on top! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Cookies & Cream $11.00
Oreo cookies are a favorite and we take them to the next level. We crumble them (creamy centers and all) and load them on top of a caramel-dunked, extra-large Granny Smith apple. After that, drizzles of both dark and white chocolate make it complete. Call to order (414) 421-7011
Dream  $11.00
If you don’t care for nuts, but you’re NUTS about CHOCOLATE, then this is your apple! We take our biggest, best Granny Smith apples and dunk them in creamy caramel. The final step is to float ribbons of chocolate (Milk, Dark and White) up and down the apple until it’s completely coated. Looks as good as it tastes! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Drizzle W/Sprinkles $8.25
This apple has a personality! We take our extra-large Granny Smith apples and dunk them in gooey, buttery caramel. Then we drizzle them with milk chocolate.  Finally we sprinkle on the fun! Sprinkles for the seasons, holidays, birthdays or just because. Have a happy day! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Dark Drizzle $7.75
Have you heard “An apple a day...” saying? Have you also heard that dark chocolate is good for you? We agree! This is the apple that combines the old and the new thinking. Our huge Granny Smith apple dunked in caramel then drizzled with dark chocolate should make you feel “happy and healthy”! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Milk Drizzle $7.75
If you are ‘all about the apple’ -- this is the one for you. Our giant Granny Smith apple is dunked in creamy, buttery caramel and then drizzled with milk chocolate. Simple, but delicious! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Harvest $11.50
Our Gourmet Harvest Apple will tempt all those who love the fall season and all its bounty.  A large Granny Smith apple is dipped in creamy caramel then completely smothered with dried cranberries, cherries, blueberries and crunchy pecans.  Then, as if this wasn’t enough, it’s all drizzled with dark chocolate.  A perfect treat. Call to order (414) 421-7011
Heath $10.50
Crunchy.  Sweet. Creamy.  Toffee lovers have found a new taste sensation.  Our Gourmet Heath Apple is a crunchy, tart Granny Smith apple covered in rich creamy caramel and coated with chunks of buttery Heath toffee. One word…….Yum! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Macadamia $13.00
Only one word can describe this wonderful apple: Mmmacadamia! Imagine a giant, tart, crunchy Granny Smith apple dipped in yummy, buttery caramel. Then we coat it all with the most amazing, buttery macadamia nuts! Finally, we drizzle it with rich milk chocolate. Unique and delicious! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Magic $11.00
M&Ms make this apple pure MAGIC! We take our huge Granny Smith apple and dunk it in yummy caramel. Then we cover every inch in mini M&Ms. It will bring out the “kid” in you! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Peanut Butter $11.00
Peanut Butter and Apples...a great combination of flavors.  We take a crunchy, tart Granny Smith apple, dip it in buttery caramel, cover it in peanut butter and roll it in peanut pieces. It’s a treat your mouth won’t forget! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Pecan $11.50
Pecans are a favorite for nuts like us! We start with our extra-large Granny Smith apples and swirl them in the pot of buttery caramel. Then we coat them with crunchy pecans and drizzle them with milk chocolate. We are NUTS about this apple! Call to order (414) 421-7011
Pistachio $11.50
If you love pistachios, but hate to crack them out of their shells, then this is a match made in heaven! Our crisp, tart Granny Smith apple is dunked in smooth, creamy caramel. Then it’s smothered in pistachios and drizzled with milk chocolate. Call to order (414) 421-7011
Original $6.50
Looking for something a little more simple? Our extra-large Granny Smith  apple is dunked in our creamy, buttery, gooey caramel. Simply great. Call to order (414) 421-7011
S'more $10.50
Take all your childhood memories up a notch; The S’more apple will take you back to roasting marshmallows and smooshing them with chocolate bars and graham crackers.  Our version adds a crisp crunchy apple dipped in caramel. Then it’s loaded with mini-marshmallows  and graham cracker pieces and drizzled in milk chocolate.  Don’t forget to wipe the chocolate off your face when you’re done. Call to order (414) 421-7011
Traditional $7.25
Next to our Gourmet Original Caramel Apple, this is almost as simple. We take our giant, crisp Granny Smith apple and dunk it in our buttery caramel. Then, for good measure, we coat it in peanut pieces. Tart, crunchy, buttery,’s all good. Call to order (414) 421-7011
Walnut $11.00
Walnuts used to be a treat for the holidays. Now you can treat yourself any day! Our huge Granny Smith apples are dunked in smooth, creamy caramel. Then they are coated with walnuts...lots of walnuts. Finally, they are drizzled in milk chocolate. A real treat! Call to order (414) 421-7011
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